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John… Miami, FL
"Carl was absolutely amazing. He fully exceeded my expectations… He is #1 for trust… I got the best price for sure. He gave me a diamond that is so impressive it looks like it's worth 3 or 4 times what I paid"
Patricia… Seattle, WA
"I am so just ecstatic and so pleased with my beautiful diamond ring. It is far more brilliant, has far more fire... I couldn't be happier. All your friends should know about him. He is the best guy in the business."
Louis… Portland, OR
"I went to at least 25 different stores and online sites… Carl found me a diamond that without a doubt was the best diamond for the price. He gave me the best price I could ever hope for. I can't wait to do business with Carl again"
Kat… Seattle, WA
"We had the best experience with you. The diamond is so beautiful so brilliant you cannot even describe it. I can't take my eyes off it, everybody loves it.…it blings…OMG... WOW!.. I will recommend you to everyone."
Dan… Tucson, AZ
"I got a much better price…. By far the best that I had seen. I probably looked at 100 to 150 different diamonds… Probably the most knowledgeable person I dealt with… great deal…"
Michael… San Diego, CA
"Carl is absolutely for real. I am extremely happy and satisfied. It is one of the most brilliant fiery, diamonds I've ever seen and the pricing on it was fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone."
Jason… Rio Rancho, NM
"Carl taught me A LOT. The diamond I ended up with was 10 times any diamond that I had seen when I was looking and then afterwards. I cannot be happier. Give Carl a call, he has been incredible for me."
Amy… Chicago, IL
"I am so excited to wear this diamond. Carl was the best person I ever could have picked out to work with. He found us the most brilliant and fiery diamond I've ever seen for the best price possible."
Michael… Oceanside, CA
"The diamond is absolutely stunning, much better than I was even expecting. Just a really great experience... fantastic experience. If you're looking for someone very trustworthy, he's you're guy."
Jose… New York, NY
"The diamond I received from Carl was so spectacular and I got a very good price. My fiancé loves it tremendously… it's brilliant and fiery, you couldn't compare it for the price I paid… it was amazing…"
Amy (again)… Wausau, IL
"The workmanship of the ring is excellent… top notch and excellent. I ordered a ring from BlueNile… The quality of the diamond was not there compared to your diamonds. The quality of the diamonds you provide is excellent - unlike anything you will find in the stores anywhere.
Ryan… Seattle, WA
"I was very skeptical about the diamond industry. Carl is a perfectionist and artist. I wanted the most fiery diamond. The diamond is absolutely exquisite… a 10 out of 10 per what I wanted. My fiancé loves her new ring."
Doug… Jackson, WY
"I was told I would never find the diamond I was looking for. I couldn't have found a diamond as fiery and large without Carl's expertise. Carl saved me a ton of money. I would recommend Carl to my closest friends in a heartbeat."
Amir… San Diego, CA
"I was dealing with a couple different sources… He had the most brilliant diamonds out of all the ones I had seen and for the most competitive price. I can't say enough about the guy… he's a great guy".
Chad… Austin, TX
"Carl did a great job.... My diamond is perfect....blew everybody's mind… has the brilliance and fire I was looking for."
Jeff… Dallas, TX
"I wish I had started with Carl from day 1. I had looked at multiple retailers, online, eBay, craigslist, you name it. Carl represented the best of all worlds. My now fiancé could not have been more thrilled in seeing how much pop and fire this stone has in all light".
Ashbir… Seattle, WA
"It came out much better than we could have imagined. My friend owns a jewelry shop he couldn't even come near to the diamond you showed us…. half the cost… You have my business for life."
Brad… Long Island, NY
"After doing much research, I found Carl's diamonds were by far the most brilliant and well priced. My fiancé was more than pleased with the diamond. She constantly looks at it, even in not the best lighting it glistens and shines".
Mark… Chicago, IL
"We had seen diamonds from other people.. with Carl it was a different story… the diamond he sent us, we really fell in love with and grabbed it right away and were just ecstatic. I highly recommend Carl… don't be afraid… he's honest and trustworthy."
Mitchell… New York, NY
I shopped online for about a year, I thought I was a pro, but Carl beat the prices and specifications. I am a hard sell, I am very skeptical but I do trust Carl. He truly, truly can be trusted."
Nikel… Dallas, TX
"Working with Carl was the best decision I could have made...His help was invaluable. I am so satisfied. It was the best possible diamond I could have gotten. I definitely would recommend anyone to him."
Angela… Minneapolis, MN
"I couldn't be more thrilled. I am proud to be wearing it. It's so sparkly and fantastic. It puts rainbows on the wall. Carl was a dream to work with. I'm excited to wear it for the rest of my life."
David… Seattle, WA
"What a wonderful service you provided in helping us find the diamond of our dreams... We are totally thrilled... what an incredible service you provide."
Debi… Riverside, CA
"The diamonds are so spectacular and fiery, just how he explained to me. Everything he said came out true. When I saw the ring I couldn't believe it…I couldn't be happier. I really, really love my ring so much, it couldn't be better"
Marco… Phoenix, AZ
"Carl is a pro through and through. He knows his stuff. The end result was an absolutely beautiful stone that shattered my expectations..."
John… Tempe, AZ
"The diamond was better than anything I ever could have expected. You did in a week what I couldn't do in 6 months…"
Monty… Chicago, IL
"I Spoke to over a dozen dealers and getting a bad taste… Carl was different… The diamond was more beautiful than I imagined it would be. He does a fantastic job."
Sid… Toronto, Canada
"Carl really gave me the advice that I needed… Carl found me a magnificent diamond and I couldn't be happier with… We ended up with a diamond that beat all the prices I found online and was much more beautiful."
Charles... Marana, AZ
"I got a fantastic fiery, brilliant. It is hands down the best looking diamond… way better than anything I saw in retail stores and the price was awesome. I can't wait to refer my friends to him. He picked out an amazing diamond, great work.."
Brian… Wyndmoor, PA
"I looked at well over 20 stones and we definitely got the very best of the best... I would absolutely recommend Carl to work with any of my friends… You can trust Carl, I can assure you of that."
Curtis… Kingsville, TX
"Carl was very informative... You could tell he knows his stuff. When the diamond came in, it was just extraordinary... "
Sebastian... Santa Ana, CA
"Thank you for all your guidance... it sings with bling... I think I have the best diamond on the planet! I will be referring as many people as I can to you..."
David… San Francisco, CA
"You can trust Carl. He's a great guy to work with and he knows his stuff. I certainly recommend Carl and his service."
Hector… San Antonio, TX
"I really appreciate your help. My girlfriend has been comparing her diamond with some of her friends and hers has more brilliance in it. My girlfriend loves it."
Gail… Albuquerque, NM
"Carl is as honest as the day is long, knowledgeable and patient. If you are looking for the best diamond, at the best price, I definitely recommend Carl."
Shawn… West Palm Bch, FL
"I was looking to find a 3 plus carat diamond... The diamond was brilliant, really fiery,. He was so honest… the best diamond with the least expensive price. I couldn't even get this price from the local dealers here.."
Nick… New Hope, MN
"He did a great job. My fiancé was utterly thrilled with the stone and setting, everything worked out really well. . I couldn't be more happy with the experience of working with Carl …"
Dustin… Boise, ID
"My experience with Carl was great! I went to 12-14 diamonds stores… more sparkle, more brilliance, better quality diamond for a cheaper price. My experience was awesome….I definitely recommend him."
Bill… Roanoke, VA
"This guy knew what he was talking about. I sent Carl a large chunk of money… and the result was tremendous. She can't stop talking about her ring. I got a ring that is beautiful… can't say enough about it. Carl is a master."
Nancy… Austin, TX
" Carl did a wonderful job finding the perfect diamond. We were just thoroughly satisfied and could not have asked for anything better. Don't hesitate to call him."
Tien…Atlanta, GA
"The diamond was just spectacular, sparkly, and out of this world. My fiancé loves it. Carl is100%... he can be trusted…he is the one to get you what you want."
Bruce… Luca, Italy
"The diamond I purchased from him is spectacular. It was beyond my expectation. Carl has been absolutely trustworthy, helpful and patient. I recommend using Carl for any of your jewelry/diamond needs".
Allan… Denver, CO
"Great experience with Carl… I looked at comparable diamonds to the one that I got and the price was $2,000 higher. When the girls compare their rings you can see how much more sparkly my fiancé's diamond is."
Georgia… Dallas, TX
"Every day I look at my diamond and it's more brilliant and fiery that I could have imagined. I would not buy a diamond through anyone but Carl. "
John… Portland, OR
"I had no idea how daunting a task it would be finding the best diamond... You were somebody I could trust... We are very thankful we found you. You will be very happy you found Carl…It's the smart move."
Kim…. Las Vegas, NV
"Carl was excellent in every possible way. I would recommend to anyone to go with Carl. He found me the most beautiful and amazing diamond I have ever seen in my life! I'm blown away and look forward to wearing it for the rest of my life."
Arthur… Wyndmoor, PA
"We are greatly appreciative of Carl's service... It worked out great, she's very happy, I'm thrilled. We were impressed with his knowledge."
Brad… Denver, CO
"We were both a little nervous about doing business over the web. Carl was very genuine and very honest. We're so happy I am sending some of my buddies his way."
Coleen… Portland, OR
"We were frustrated and confused. Finding your web site began a great learning experience. Our new diamond is so beautiful, much better than my last diamond."
Jenny… Chicago, IL
"Our diamond is exquisite. Carl is an amazing expert in the business. I highly recommend Carl and Best Diamond Search."
Mark… Niles, OH
"We are extremely satisfied… Carl's professionalism was very good for us… Carl is so talented… we were just amazed… we absolutely love our diamonds."
Melissa… San Diego, CA
"I have had several great transactions with Carl. His work is absolutely amazing and always delivers what he promises. I have been very happy. I highly recommend Carl for anyone seeking the most amazing diamonds and gemstones in the highest possible terms."
Willie… Alexandria, VA
"I couldn't have had a more wonderful experience with Carl…. Profession, knows what he is doing, articulate… all this was done long distance. What an awesome experience! I will definitely do business with him again and recommend him to all my friends."
Dan… Iowa
"Carl helped us get the best diamond. We are fabulously surprised at how beautiful it is. It was nerve racking… but everything went fantastic. Carl is as honest as can be. It was appraised at five or six thousand more than we invested… very, very happy."
Mark… Chicago, IL
"He did an extensive search… It exceeded expectations. It was larger than I expected and it was just brilliant, it was just incredible. She was just blown away by the brilliance. A great success story."
Boris… Phoenix, AZ
"Carl helped me get the most spectacular, fiery beautiful diamond. My fiancé is totally in love with it and can't stop talking about it".
Travis… Reno, NV
"I went to a few diamond exchanges. I felt totally comfortable with Carl. He found the best diamond I'd seen. It was spectacular and fiery. My fiancé took pictures trying to catch the fire jump out of the top of the diamond. I couldn't be happier."
Jane… San Francisco, CA
"Carl is totally trustworthy, super knowledgeable... With the same budget I ended up with a larger, and more beautiful diamond than I ever could have hoped for."
Allana… Encinitas, CA
"What a difference you made for us.. We had no clue and didn't feel very safe... we appreciate your expertise and knowledge about diamonds. We love our diamond, it is gorgeous!"
Sheldon… San Diego, CA
"Carl did an extremely good job and was professional and knowledgeable. I got a better diamond and price than I was expecting. I'm very pleased and happy after working with Carl. Feel free to call me."
Paul… New Mexico
"I got a great, brilliant diamond. I have already recommended Carl to my step daughter. He did great work for me and I recommend him to you."
Amy… Wisconsin
"Carl was a life saver for us. The diamond totally took our breath away. It is extremely brilliant and I am so happy with the purchase. You have been a joy to work with".
Tom… Texas
"You were very helpful…completely honest and trustworthy. I ended up buying a stone that was a very good value, very gorgeous, fiery… people comment on it all the time."
Tyler… Stockton, IL
"Luckily for me I came across Carl. My fiancé can't help but make her friends just a little jealous. I know there is no way I could have found the perfect stone without Carl's help."
Richard… Trinity, FL
"He did a great job, I am very happy with how the whole thing turned out, much more personal than going to a store."
Tyler… Phoenix, AZ
"Very informative...Completely designed the diamond around my budget and gave me a great deal… I am very proud of what I have.. it is incredible… A blessing… it turned out spectacular"
Samantha… Carlsbad, CA
"I was nervous and confused. If it wasn't for Carl I don't know that I would have even purchased my diamond... I would definitely recommend his service."
Janine… Atlanta, GA
"I found the Internet rather overwhelming...We were on the verge of spending a lot of money... I was very relieved to have Carl's professional guidance."
Sondra… Durango, CO
"We got the most gorgeous diamond I've ever seen in my life. It's just so sparkly! The light catches it and sends out rainbows even when it's not sunny. Carl is an amazing person with a lot of integrity." " He was so awesome to work with. Carl did a wonderful job finding the perfect diamond. We were just thoroughly satisfied and could not have asked for anything better. Don't hesitate to call him."
Diane… Riverside, CA
"My diamond is absolutely spectacular. We are very, very, very happy with it. If you want the best quality, he's your man."
Gary… San Diego, CA
"Carl has an outstanding history and good reputation around town. He stands behind his product and I highly recommend him."
Jay… Phoenix, AZ
"I was overwhelmed and confused when looking around. I learned more about diamonds than I ever knew from Carl. My diamond is far more brilliant than any others that I have seen. I couldn't be more pleased. "
Jonathan… San Diego, CA
"I trust Carl completely. The quality was much better than I expected. He's the best way to go for people that want to buy on the web. I can't imagine buying from anyone else."
Lucy… Portland, OR
"Carl is very helpful, knowledgeable and honest. Would I recommend him? Definitely. Would I do business with him again? For sure."
Michael… San Diego, CA
"I felt genuineness and integrity from my initial consultation with Carl. You will get perfectly cut diamonds because it does matter."
Ryan... San Diego, CA
I got a full blown education about diamonds. I grew to trust him very, very much. Quality is his utmost goal. Will send a lot people his way. My experience was great."
Morgan… Phoenix, AZ
"Carl is extremely honest and trustworthy. He really wants to ensure that people don't get ripped off. I highly recommend him."
Skip… Anaheim, CA
"We were very satisfied... We didn't know there was so much to learn ... We were very happy with the stone… If any of your customers need a reference I'll be happy to chat with them."
Gay… Portland, OR
"We don't know what we would have done without Carl's expertise... We felt immediately we could trust Carl, The diamond he found for us is so much more brilliant and beautiful than any we have seen at twice the price."
Aaron… Austin, TX
"Carl was incredibly helpful... I ended up with a really beautiful diamond at a price I couldn't find anywhere."
Brent… Fort Mohave, AZ
"Both diamonds were absolutely stunning. I was convinced I was getting a better price than elsewhere. I highly recommend Carl, he did a great job for me."
Charlie… Missouri
"Thanks for your assistance… I found the right guy. The whole experience was great. The diamond and ring are great. She loves it and we got a much nicer diamond for the dollar. Carl, you're the man!"
Dave… Denver, CO
"The diamond I got is absolutely beautiful. My wife gets a ton of compliments. You helped solve a lot of problems. I think your service is absolutely spectacular."
Skip… Atlanta, GA
"With Carl's extended knowledge and experience I'm positive the diamond we got is far superior to any others. Calling him was the best move we could have made."
Josh… Monroe, UT
"Very educational process. The diamond is beautiful….we are definitely enjoying it….and am very satisfied with the service you provided."
Grant… San Antonio, TX
"Carl helped us find the best diamond. He is very skilled at knowing where to find the best quality. You will do well if you have Carl helping you."
Steve… Albuquerque, NM
"Very knowledgeable and professional person, great prices. Stones are brilliant. Another satisfied customer. Thank you, Carl."
Chuck… Austin, TX
"I felt he really knew what he was talking about and that I could really trust him. The diamonds I bought exceeded my expectations... They have much more fire and brilliance others I have seen..."
Steve… Riverside, CA
"Carl sounded very honest and I trusted him... The diamond I ended up buying was far more brilliant and better priced than the others I had seen. I felt safe and in good hands"
Deborah… Las Vegas, NV
"the diamonds I ended up with are more brilliant than I had hoped for, they're very fiery compared to the diamonds that I had looked at even Tiffany's. I would recommend him highly."