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Why the 4 C’s are Not Enough

Many people read about the 4 C’s and think they understand how to buy a diamond. Having an understanding of the terminology is only the beginning.  Of course just reading about the 4C’s is not really understanding what they mean. Even if someone really understood the 4 C’s, there is so much more to consider. The 4 C‘s are just the beginning.


Test Your Diamond I.Q.

If you were offered a diamond appraised at $15,000 for $5,000 would you think it must be a great buy?

Do you know the difference between an appraisal and a certification?

Of all the diamond grading laboratories that certify diamonds, do you know which ones are the most strict and reliable?

Do you know which certifications are totally worthless with some of them being off as many as 3 grades in the color and clarity compared to the more respected lab reports? That is a HUGE difference in value!

Did you know certain years some labs were more lenient than other years?

Do you know which are the 4 C’s are the most important and which are the least?

Do you understand why most diamonds are intentionally cut too shallow or too deep?

Do you think that a GIA Triple Ex (excellent cut, polish and symmetry) diamond is the best cut and most brilliant diamond? Just a slight hint… not necessarily at all.

Did you know that some “Very Good” cut grades are more brilliant than some “Excellent” cut grades?

How important do you think the polish and symmetry is compared to the diamonds’  proportions?

Could you tell the difference between a “Good” polish and symmetry compared to “Excellent”?

Do you know how much difference one clarity or one color grade make in the value of a diamond?

Did you know that two diamonds with the exact same GIA Grading Report can be very different diamonds with one being worth thousands of dollars more than the other?

Did you know that 2 diamonds with the same table and depth percentage can look totally different?

In what cases might an SI2 look cleaner than an SI1?

What are the best kinds of inclusions to have and what are the worst?

What kind of inclusion could make the diamond vulnerable to breaking?

Does the location of the inclusion matter?

Did you know that some diamonds are enhanced? They have large fissures or are laser drilled and filled with a silicon-like substance to make them look much cleaner. By law this should be disclosed but with “creative” wording, would you catch it?

If a diamond is laser drilled, would you still be interested in buying it?  How much less value would it have? 

Many diamonds have “fluorescence.” When does this enhance the beauty and when does it detract from the beauty and value? 

If a diamond is described as “Ideal” cut, are you assured it will be a perfect cut? This one I will answer.  NO! Not by any stretch of the imagination!

Do you know which is the most brilliant of all shapes of diamonds?

This only scratches the surface. Can you see how much more there is than just the basic 4 C’s?  The assistance of someone like me with 25 years experience can help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars, and assure that you will receive a truly magnificent diamond while protecting you from the many pitfalls. I will do your search for you and provide all the safety, protection and assurance you could possibly ask for. You will end up with a diamond that will be so stunningly beautiful that it will take your breath away.
You could study diamonds for the next 3 months, apprentice for a few years, OR let me help you. You will be VERY glad you did! This I promise!

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