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I started buying diamonds in the diamond cutting factories in Israel and Antwerp in 1982 and selling mostly to private clients and wholesaling to jewelers. I soon discovered I was providing something very rare and unique in this industry… honesty and integrity.

My approach stood out in an industry filled with frequent misrepresentation. Due to word of mouth my business grew to the point where I was constantly busy, so I took on a partner, one of the best diamond cutters in the world! We opened a small store in San Diego where we cut diamonds (to perfect proportions called “ideal” cut) on the premises and gave each client a little education. Our customers constantly told us that after 15 minutes they understood more about buying diamonds than after visiting 10 other stores and that they had never seen diamonds with this much “Fire” and “Brilliance.”

Honesty in Diamond Sales

My partner and I got pretty frustrated with all of the ridiculous jewelry and diamond sales going on. You name it, we heard it… “Buy One Get One Free, 70-80% off, Christmas in July, Moving Sale, Liquidating Inventory,” etc. One store did a “going out of business sale” for over 3 years! I can only imagine how many people thought they got an incredible bargain when, in fact, they had been ripped off. Many people brought their new diamonds to us to have us check them out, as we were considered “The Experts” in the city. They were furious once they realized they were sold a good “story” and a lousy diamond worth much less than they paid. They always took them back!

Our reputation grew and our store was always crowded. We soon had to move to a larger location. The business kept on growing and the years flew by! After many years of running a sizable business, I decided it was time to do something besides work, work, and more work. So I sold my share of the company to my partner to take some time off.

Over the last few years, I had a number of friends from around the country ask me to check out a diamond they were considering buying. Even though these were intelligent people who had done some research, I could immediately see these were not great diamonds or values, they just seemed like they were! I told them I would help them get a more brilliant and more valuable diamond in their budget by using my connections and knowledge. What really caught my attention was that these were intelligent people that did their homework on the 4 C’s and yet they almost bought diamonds with far less beauty and value than they could have with the same budget. It just proved once again to me that without actual diamond buying experience, there was no way anyone could really find the absolute best diamond and value for their budget. With all my years of experience this was easy for me.

So I started Best Diamond Search.  I decided to keep the business small and give the best personal service possible. Using the Internet for marketing and working out of a small office helps me keep my overhead to an absolute minimum. Working with over 100 diamond cutters also allows me to review literally hundreds of GIA certified diamonds within any one criterion as my goal is to find the absolute most beautiful, most brilliant, best valued diamond possible for my client.  Based on my clients’ testimonials this approach is working very well.


I Don’t Sell My Own Diamonds

Since I don’t sell my own diamonds, I don’t have to worry about running to Israel, Belgium and New York and financing millions of dollars worth of inventory. With no security issues, no high overhead or any of the other responsibilities of running a sizable company, I can totally focus on customer service!

When you are ready to make your purchase I will help you obtain a truly exquisite diamond—“One you will treasure for the rest of your life.

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