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About Me
The 4c's

If you want the Ultimate Diamond at the Absolute Best Price… My Service is for you…

I guarantee I will offer you a diamond of greater fire, brilliance and scintillation and at a better price than anything you will be able to find on your own, and I’ll even offer to help you compare them.

Buying a diamond can be very confusing as there are so many characteristics to diamonds beyond the 4 C’s. My greatest concern is always that your diamond be unusually fiery and brilliant which means the “Cut” has to be one of the absolute best cuts possible.  If you think that an “Excellent” cut grade from GIA means it is the most brilliant diamond, you would be wrong.  Some are better cuts than others.

How My Service Works

We start off with a Private Consultation on the phone where I find out what you are looking for and I help guide you in deciding the best direction for your needs and budget. Many people have misconceptions about the best diamonds based on what they have heard or read.

I then go to the data bases of the diamond cutters that I work with (over 80) and review hundreds of diamonds within the criterion that we have decided on. I quickly eliminate over 95% as I can tell that the cuts aren’t perfect enough for my standards. Then I do extensive research on the remaining diamonds until I zero in on the one that is the overall best diamond possible. I accomplish this by reviewing the GIA certifications and then by talking to the cutters or managers of the factories and ask questions about specific diamonds I am interested in while they are looking at them. This helps me to “see” things that I cannot tell from the GIA.  If I am still interested in that diamond, I will have it sent to me to check out myself before presenting it to you.

Not only will you save a ton of time and frustration, but this is the way to guarantee that you will end up with the most exquisite, brilliant and valuable diamond possible while eliminating any chance of making a costly mistake. You will end up with a diamond of superior brilliance and your friends WILL notice that your diamond just seems to have more fire than almost everyone else’s. I also make sure this diamond is better priced than any comparable diamond you will see on the Internet or with wholesalers in your area.

My Service will cost you nothing… although you will get a better diamond while saving money

However, since I do the search myself, and it is a time consuming process, I am limited to the number of clients I can work with at one time.  For that reason, I can only work with clients who are serious about finding the best diamond, and are ready to make a purchase once they see a diamond that they love. There is no obligation to buy anything. I do however ask for a $100 refundable deposit in order to start the process. This $100 will either go towards your diamond purchase or will be refunded to you if you decide not to buy a diamond from me for whatever reason. That’s right… your deposit is fully refundable at any time and for any reason if you decide not to buy one of the diamonds I select. There is no fine print, plain and simple… it is totally refundable. It is just to demonstrate your level of commitment.   Any diamond you do purchase is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy for any reason as well.

If you haven’t yet listened to any testimonials by my clients, please do so. Many of these people did extensive searching in stores, with wholesalers and online before they had me help them in their search. To say that they were “satisfied customers” would be quite the understatement!

This service includes:

  • Private phone consultation with me.
  • Suggestions and guidance regarding any part of your diamond ring purchase.
  • My expertise in finding the perfect diamond for you from the hundreds or thousands available.
  • Help getting a quality setting at a better price than you will find anywhere, even with higher quality side diamonds.
  • Email and phone access to me throughout the process helping with any needs that arise.
  • If there is another diamond that you saw and am interested in, I will help analyze it for you (by reviewing the certification) and advise you as to whether it is the best diamond and price or not. If it isn’t I will tell you why not and if it is I will advise you to buy it!  I will even do this for you before the $100 deposit. Just send an email or call.

Your diamond is going to be with you and your family for many years to come, often generations. My service will pay off in a HUGE way.
Remember, you will be looking at your diamond every single day for the rest of your life. You might as well own one of the most breathtakingly brilliant diamonds possible.

I will be very happy to guide you through your purchase and help to bring some extra sparkle and dazzle into your life.





This Service is Not For Everyone. It is for those who wish to receive the most beautiful, brilliant diamond at the best price possible. IT IS NOT for those who just want to buy the largest diamond they can get regardless of beauty, brilliance and quality.