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Rings and Settings

While the setting will be an important part of your jewelry piece, keep in mind that it is like the frame of the picture. Your diamond should be the masterpiece, the main attraction. The setting is meant to hold and enhance your center diamond, not overpower it. When it comes to settings, you can have any setting you want. There are hundreds and hundreds of different styles to choose from and anything can be modified. Don’t make the mistake that some people make. They look for a setting they like and take whatever diamond happens to be there. Not a good way to go!

Surprise Engagement?

In many cases this ring is going to be an engagement ring, and very often, a surprise. If this is the case, here are a few guidelines. While the diamond is the most important and expensive part of the ring, to her the setting will also be very important. If you know what she likes (maybe she has hinted or shown you), you already have an idea. If not, I would stay with something very simple and elegant such as a solitaire setting, or better yet a "cathedral" setting. Another choice is a simple setting with small diamonds going down the sides. This way you can present the diamond ring as a surprise and tell her that she can choose another setting that may be closer to her "dream" ring. I will take back the simple setting and give you credit towards the ring that she chooses.

Settings at Wholesale Prices

I am very happy to offer settings to my clients at slightly over my costs. This alone will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on the setting that you choose. Except for custom designs, I work with a large jewelry manufacturer out of NY who has a great online catalogue, high quality workmanship and excellent prices. You can view it at: www.uniquesettings.com

Side Diamonds in Your Setting

If your ring has side diamonds, please understand that the quality of these diamonds is very important. Many people think that these are only little "chips" and the quality doesn't really matter. It REALLY DOES matter. These are not really "chips", they are full cut diamonds with 58 facets even if they are only 1 or 2 pointers (.01ct or .02ct). Just like the center diamond, the cut is critical. Even though these side diamonds may be small, you still want them to have a lot of fire and brilliance. The difference is striking.

D/E/F-VS/VVS… Perfect Cut Diamonds

When I order settings I only get settings without diamonds in them and I put in my own side diamonds. The diamonds that I use are D/E/F-VS/VVS, perfect cut diamonds. And the best part is these will cost you much less than the mediocre diamonds that usually come in settings. Most manufacturers use H/I- SI, average cut diamonds. Believe me, it makes a huge difference.


This is a great company that I use every day for men's and woman's settings. For most settings you will either use a variation of a solitaire ring, which means no other diamonds or some small diamonds going down the sides, usually round diamonds. To navigate, first hit the catalogue tab and then either "solitaire" or "semi mount". After "semi mount" then move to "round side stones". Then go to "round prong" or "round channel". These rings will give you many options for simple, elegant styles. You will also notice many other fancier rings such as "halo" styles or rings with baguettes or other fancy shape side stones.

white gold or
platinum solitaire setting.
Cathedral style setting.
Very clean looking
white gold with side diamonds.

If you don’t know what she wants, you can just buy the diamond loose, or you might have the diamond set in a simple solitaire or cathedral setting to present to her and then let her get involved with choosing the setting, either from the company you bought the diamond from (most will take back the first ring) or from a local jeweler. Remember, the diamond is your masterpiece and should be your first concern

cathedral style setting.
Elegant "Halo" Style.
Elegant ring with larger side diamonds.

At Uniquesettings.com you will also find hundreds of men's styles in a variety widths as well as metals.
Almost any ring can be made in white gold, yellow gold, 14K, 18K, platinum or palladium.

Custom Style Rings

Any style ring can be made or modified. I have 3 goldsmiths that I have been working with for many years who do incredibly beautiful work. If you would like us to make a custom designed ring, we can do it… and of course at the right price. I would strongly urge you not to create a custom setting without her getting involved. She will feel obligated to "love" it whether she does or not. Your ring will be with her for a very long time, so you want to make sure she really loves it. We are very happy to work with you in creating the "perfect" ring when you are ready.

Here are a few testimonials from clients who had us create some unique and somewhat complicated rings.


Jennifer… Seattle, WA
"I cannot tell you how amazing my ring is. This was not the easiest ring… very complicated. I can't thank you enough. I get compliments every five seconds. I can't stop staring at it….so much fun. My fiancé said your diamonds were a million times better than the others he had seen."

Maisha, Seattle, WA
"Carl was so nice. I am so happy, I was so apprehensive and worried. But my ring is so pretty, better than I thought it was going to be ... a thousand times prettier than I thought it would be. It's beautiful and fantastic."


Kat… Austin, TX
"We had the best experience with you. The diamond is so beautiful so brilliant you cannot even describe it. I can't take my eyes off it, everybody loves it.…it blings…OMG... WOW!.. I will recommend you to everyone."

Amy… Wausau, WI
"The workmanship of the ring is excellent… top notch and excellent. I ordered a ring from BlueNile… The quality of the diamonds was not there compared to your diamonds. The quality of the diamonds you provide is excellent - unlike anything you will find in the stores anywhere."