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Here What Our Clients Have to Say:
Kristen... Webser, TX
"I just received my diamond and I have to tell you, it is far, far beyond anything I imagined. I spent 6 months looking on the internet, diamond brokers, jewelry stores... and I can't tell you how much nicer Carl's diamond is than anything I had ever seen, This has been such a happy experience"
Lambert... Vancouver, WA
"Carl found the most dazzling diamond that I could have ever imagined and really at the lowest price. My fiancee could not believe how much the diamond sparkles even in the moonlight in the dark.... I highly recommend working with Carl. He delivered more than I ever expected."
Andrew Phoenix... AZ
"I have a couple of friends that have been jewelers for over 20 years. The diamonds that my friends found me were nowhere near as nice as the one Carl got me. If you,re looking for a diamond, no question, Carl,s your man"
John... Pompano Bch, FL
"I am really, really happy with Carl. I took his diamond to an appraiser and compared it to a $25,000 diamond and his diamond was more brilliant,below wholesale, more brilliant than everybody else,s diamond, unbelievable."
Rick... Los Angeles, CA
"I had shopped from the Jewelry exchange in Santa Ana all the way to LA. Carl had the most brilliant stones I've seen, just the best service.. He's a really good guy. He hooked me up with a blinging rock and my fianc, is ecstatic."
Jennifer... Seattle, WA
"I cannot tell you how amazing my ring is. A custom design very complicated. I get compliments every five seconds. I can't stop staring at it. My fianc, said your diamonds were a million times better than the others he had seen."
Lou... New York, NY
"I was apprehensive at first... It just blew me away. The center diamond is unlike any I had ever seen before. It,s blinding in the sun. Literally a day does not go without my fianc, getting compliments. A1 experience"
Chris... Toronto, Canada
"I researched the heck out of everything, The diamond Carl sent exploded with light. I'd never seen anything like it. I didn't know diamonds could look like that and I had been looking at diamonds at Tiffany's. I finally understood what Carl was talking about."
Amy... Wausau,
"I am so thrilled with the diamond I received. When I opened the box I was blown away. I have looked at Tiffany's and nothing compares to what I have on my finger right now. I am thrilled. I really encourage anyone to work with you."
Will... New York, NY
"I was pretty nervous after going to the Diamond District here in NY,Carl found me the perfect diamond at a good price.... I couldn't be happier with the results. Carl went the extra mile,incredible fire and brilliance that my fianc, absolutely loves."
Maisha... Seattle, WA
"Carl was so nice. I am so happy, I was so apprehensive and worried. But my ring is so pretty, better than I thought it was going to be ... a thousand times prettier than I thought it would be. It's beautiful and fantastic."
Felipe... New York, NY
"I was very confused after visiting the diamond district in New York... With Carl's help I got a beautiful diamond I am sure I would not have gotten without his help."
Joe & Basia... Orlando, FL
"I have a one of kind diamond, his process of selection was so precise. I have a lot of people who notice it, the fire and the way it dances with light. It just glows. I knew it was the best diamond that I had seen."
Claire... San Diego, CA
"When we opened our boxes we were blown away with the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds. We are just so happy. Carl is a perfectionist. You will be very, very pleased with your purchase, that will turn heads and cost far less."
Jason... Denver, CO
"I bought a lot of diamonds... that I sent back. Out of all the diamonds that I saw, the one that Carl found was the best, I was a pretty tough customer. She's showing her girlfriends and hers in the most fiery, brilliant and best diamond,"

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In this video, Some diamond buying essentials to understand in order to be an intelligent diamond buyer.
In this video, review of a GIA certification including Cut Grade. Is Excellent Cut Grade diamonds really the most brilliant? Surprising facts for people who think Triple Ex (Excellent) diamonds are the most brilliant diamonds.
In this video, What Carl Romaner does that is totally different than other dealers and importers that guarantees his clients will receive the most brilliant GIA certified, diamond possible within their budget and why you will want to work with him.
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